Buddy L Museum paying highest prices in the country for antique pressed steel toys manufactured in the USA. Email pictures
of your vintage
Buddy L Trucks or antique Buddy L Trains.   Also looking to purchase unusual items including the unique red
Buddy L Lumber Truck with or without lumber load.  Buddy L Toys produced prior to 1947 as well as all large Sturditoy trucks
regardless of condition. Visit the Buddy L Museum's photo galleries to see your favorite old toy trucks and pressed steel toys
on display. Some recently acquired toys are a lovely Buddy L Sand & Gravel truck with original coal chute and the early large
Buddy L Coal truck with working doors.       Several Keystone toy trucks are also on display like the Ride on Keystone
Aerial ladder truck and humongous
Keystone Water Tower Truck. Buddy L Museum helping collectors since 1968.  Presently
paying thousands of dollars for any
Buddy L Flivver Car or green Buddy L Sprinkler truck in good condition.  If you have one
antique toy truck or an entire collection of antique toy trucks contact us for a free price quote.  See our collection of
trucks by clicking on any of the links designated Sturditoy. Buddy L Steam Shovel Keystone Steam Shovel for sale 1927 Red
Sturditoy Pumper with or without headlights, 1932 Blue/Green Buddy L Bus with nickel plated bumper, Buying all prewar large
Buddy L Trains with original paint.   We are the world's largest buyer of old toy trucks and old Buddy L trains and consistently
pay the highest prices in the country. Visit our
Kingsbury toy truck gallery and see many early versions of fire trucks made by
the Buddy L Toy factory as well many Keystone toy trucks manufactured by Keystone Toys of Boston.   If you have questions
regarding selling your antique Buddy L Airplane or old
Buddy L Bus email us with your inquiry. For more information on early
Buddy L Toys, old Sturditoy trucks or Keystone Toys browse our website or drop us a line.   Your Buddy L Cars and Buddy L
Trucks are important to us.     Antique
Pressed Steel Toys and all Buddy L Trains are valuable links the history of toy making
during it's finest hour The Buddy L Museum is the world's leading experts of old toy trucks including any
Steelcraft Toy Truck,
vintage Kingsbury Trucks or
Buddy L Toy Trucks made in America.    If you need advice restoring or selling your Buddy L toy
trucks or
Buddy L Trains contact us for further details Presently seeking all prewar Buddy L toys and vintage Buddy L Trucks
in good or better condition.
Buddy L Museum the world's most trusted name in old toy trucks and Buddy L Trains. Contact us
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